Compost Heaven  

What do You Picture When you Hear the Word "Compost"?

Handful of garden compost.

Do you picture black, crumbly dirt which gives life to your vegetables and plants?

A pile of garbage which hasn't composted.

Or do you picture a rotten, smelly heap of fly-covered garbage in the backyard?

Compost Heaven is your site to find out everything you need to know about how to turn your kitchen and garden waste into mana for your plants.

  • Tips on how to speed up your composting.
  • What does compost actually add to your soil?
  • Plans for piles, bins and tumblers.
  • Step by step articles from cutting board to rose bed.
  • Answers to questions like "why does my compost pile have flies?"
  • Find out the easiest, fastest and least complicated way to turn your extra vegetable matter into the dark, rich hummus you see on all the gardening TV shows.
  • Advice from Julia, a woman who loves compost and has been composting for 20 years.  She has made every composting mistake and knows how to fix them.

Compost Heaven --  Now you can make successful compost too.

Where do you want to start?

I want to learn about composting

I want to learn HOW to compost

How can I compost my kitchen waste?

I just want some composting fun

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