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About Julia Rymut

Julia Rymut
Julia Rymut
I've always been connected to the plant world.

I have loved walking in the wild places, from the mountains of Nepal, to the Redwood forest of Northern California.

I love wildcrafting my herbs as much as growing them in my garden.

I love sitting among plants and just taking them in.

My heart is with the wild plants, and yet I find myself living in the cities where I must midwife the wildness of nature into the regulated nature of cities.

...And so I compost.

I compost to recreate to rotting trees in the forest.  I compost to reduce my garbage.  And I compost so that my garden thrives.

Urban Gardener

I have gardened for over 30 years.  When I lived in San Francisco, I worked as an urban gardener.  There, working in a heart surgeon's estate, I began my experiments with composting.

The doctor had a large lot in the heart of Oakland, CA.  We maintained 3 very full compost bins and a forth huge pit to keep the extra debris which wasn't ready for composting.  I composted all garden debris--mostly brown matter with very little green.

By trial and error, I learned how to compost.  I learned how wet the compost piles should be.  I learned what to add so that a mostly brown pile will actually compost.  We had a chipper and I learned that chipping the branches speeded up the compost dramatically.

Later, I moved to several spots in the country, and my composting completely changed.

Country Gardener

After the Bay Area, I moved to the hills of Vermont and then to a wooded lot in Wisconsin.

In the country, I would throw my garbage outside and let Nature do her thing.  If my pile took 2 years to decay, I didn't care.  In fact, I would start compost piles and then leave them forgotten until they disappeared into the forest bed.

And Back to Urban Gardening

Now I live in Madison, WI.  Once again I am faced with urban composting challenges.  I remain adamant that no organic waste should go into my garbage, but now I must dispose of my food scraps without offending my neighbors.  This time I have mostly kitchen scraps with little garden debris.  I live in a harsh climate with only 8 months of viable composting weather.  Worm boxes?  Composting tumblers?  Again, I'm experimenting.

I love plants.  I love gardening.  I love the cycle of nature, from seed to flower to soil.  Composting is my way to contribute to the health of Mother Earth and to give back to the plants which have given so much to me.

Julia Rymut lives in Madison, WI with her 2 kids who homeschool.  By day she is a Thai Massage practitioner and by night she runs her websites.  She loves gardening, walking, and having really long dinners with friends.

One of her passions is to help other mothers do what she does--work from home and earn money from the internet.  If you have a passion like composting or embroidery or building ships in a bottle, and want to work from home, you can learn more about being a work at home mom.

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