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Do You Dream of Joining the Ranks of

Work From Home Moms?

Work from home moms have the flexibility to arrange their schedule to care for the kids, while still bringing in money.  It's challenging--not an easy road.  But if you're up for the challenge, you will find the rewards worth it.  With the right tools, and good mentoring, you can make money from home.

Julia's "Becoming a Work from Home Mom" Story

Besides loving compost, I am a single mom, and I homeschool my kids.

I'm very busy--and my children rely on me for a lot of things.

I have struggled with finding financial security for many years, but I never wanted to gain money at the expense of caring for my children.  I have prioritized time with my kids over money time and time again, partly because it is my job as "MOM", and partly because it is just more fun.  I love spending time with family.

This is great but eventually it takes its toll.  Family over money has its limits and at the end of the day, you have to pay the bills.  As the head of my household, I must earn a living!

Over the years, I have tried many ways to earn money from home.  I have made earrings, run a daycare, sewed organic comforters, sold essential oils through a MLM company--I even made sample strips of colored mortar.  None of these worked for me over the long run.

Working From Home Using the Internet

Finally, I started an internet business.

I have several affiliate websites which earn me money.

Learning how to do this internet thing has been a long struggle and as I figured it all out, I realized that I really want to help other women do the same thing.  I have watched my friends reluctantly put their young babies in childcare because they didn't believe they could make money at home.  I have dreamed of helping other women become work from home moms.  Every mother should have this option.

I have a soft spot in my heart for WAHM's:

  • Single moms like myself who must earn a living
  • Moms who just want to bring in extra money for their family
  • Moms who realize that having flexibility to be home with their kids makes them better moms
  • Moms who want to create a fund for their children's college or their own retirement
  • Moms who know their marriage is not stable and need a financial safety net

Making money from home is great for motherhood, however it is also challenging.

I don't promise get rich quick schemes, or quick solutions.  I don't like scams and I think it's especially criminal to prey on people in financial need.  I have built my business with a lot of time and effort, like any other REAL business.

It isn't easy but it's very rewarding.

Examples of my work online:

To build a website like this, the first place to check out is SiteBuildIt--the webhost which taught me how to build a website.  Download a free WAHM e-book which explains how SiteBuildIt can help you become a WAHM.

Some of the services I offer for business building include:

  • Business idea brainstorming
  • Niche selection
  • Website building instruction
  • Marketing education
  • Consultation and support for being both mother and entrepreneur--it can be tricky sometimes!

I help people at any point in their business--from someone who hasn't begun and needs to get started, to someone who has a business and needs help marketing it to the next level.  In my crazy journey,  I have gathered many tools that are suitable for many different situations.

If you are a Mom and want to become one of the many "work from home moms", you can do it.  Don't despair.  You can bring in money and be home with your children.

Contact me, Julia Rymut, if you have any questions or you want to find out more.

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